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Silvija Popovic


Powerhouse businesswoman who draws on over 15 years of educational experience and personal development training to bring her clients the instruction and advice they need to thrive.

Her global reach and powerful professional connections make her one of the most sought-after international coaches in the field of mindset, motivation  & business strategies.

Currently based in Germany, Silvija is fluent in six languages and comes originally from Croatia. Speaks all over the world, teaching individuals, small businesses and corporate how to achieve personal and financial success.

As a partner of one of the most well-known visionary organizations (JT Foxx Organisation), Silvija received personal world-class instruction and coaching from the renowned wealth coaches, Reggie Batts, Cherie Eilertsen and Jeff Klubeck. Here, she began to formulate an idea that would encourage her clients to cultivate long-life learning and balanced brainpower.

It was with through her belief in others and the value she placed on integrity that allowed Silvija to start Full Potential Intelligence Ltd. a coaching company that services a global market including Europe, the USA, and South Africa.


Visionary, rebel, and powerhouse!

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