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There is a solution!

Contact Silvija to  have more profit, go on international market, have more clarity and triple your income!

Watch what some of our satisfied clients have to say about working with  Silvija!



" Silvija’s coaching is solution oriented, quick to action. You set a goal. She helps you define it concisely and cut it into bite-size pieces, so you know precisely what your next steps are towards achieving that goal. At the end of my coaching session, I had a list of micro steps to get me started immediately on scheduled tasks that I could do easily. But we didn’t stop there. I also had plenty of ideas how I could leverage my ideas at the same time. I felt empowered and upbeat that I would achieve what I wanted if I followed pursuit: Find tiny steps you can do towards a goal today, get out of the planning and into the actual doing, as Silvija put it. Her energy and optimism are contagious and truly inspiring."

Susan Paul, Munich

"Cooperation with Silvija is simple.

We are working on a joint project of the Association of Angel Touch and in a very short time we have achieved excellent results. I will mention some, we ended up in the national newspapers, ends with the e-book, marketing is doing much more efficient and easier than before.

This are just some of the accomplishments that we have achieved in a short time.

I believe that all our goals and ideas come true.


What I am impressed by their dedication and incredible teamwork cooperation, willingness to suggestion and flexibility towards the same, in order to achieve that better result. The results we have achieved are not instant results, but it is all done that they see the long term and this is the most visible difference between what she does and her competition.


I worked in the past with different managers, but have not yet been seen like this results and because I know that engagement Silvija on this project a great success. Without a second thought I will recommend it to all people who I know while she can help them.


Commitment, honesty, love and efficiency best describe her work. Together we made it.


Thank you Silvija  on behalf of the Association of angelic touch, thanks for the whole team and thank you in my own name. "


Zdravko Posavec,

President of the Association of Angel's Touch ,Croatia



" Thanks to JT Foxx, I have met a great Woman, Silvija Popović! We had a great call last week. Since, I have the JTs Fieber Motivation. I made many contacts with people in many countries. Everything is moving!!! Thank you JT and Silvija!!! " 

Florence Bountsman , German Property Investor



I just wanted to thank you for the amazing MINDSET Coaching service you provided to me, I was stuck,confused and was not sure what was holding me back. during the seasons you where able to pinpoint the limiting beliefs that was holding me back, some things went back as far as my childhood.


You also suggested I do boxing to help build my mental strength and I must say its going great!

After following the steps you suggested to take, Not only do I feel better mentally and physically, everything around me has changed for the good, including a increase in my sales at work also my relationship with friends and family have grown, You are very different from all other coaches that I have met because you are very focused a great listener and excellent at pin pointing the limiting beliefs that was stopping me from progressing forward in my life.


If you are thinking of using a mind-set coach to provide you with help to have celerity Silvia Popovic is the Mind-set coach that should be at the top of your list, Excellent service and highly recommended.”


Stephen Gordon UK

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